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Sm@rtketing analyzes the many words, sounds, and images competing for your brand’s attention to make sure that your message is read, heard, seen, and acted upon. Sm@rtketing plans, implements and monitors the kind of advertising communications that will break through the media overload. Our goals are to promote your product or service, build awareness and speak directly with your customer.

Sm@rtketing gives your brand a measurable advantage. Our brainstorm sessions are filtered through expert cross-generational and cross-cultural thinkers who produce strategic concepts with on-target perspectives. We establish if your competitors are outspending your brand, if your advertising is based on outdated and inaccurate market perceptions, and if your consumers are elusive because the channels, content, and devices they use are changing faster than your core message can impact their behavior. Put simply, our goal is to deliver a more predictable return on your investment.


That's sm@rtketing!



Email MarketingEmail marketing allows companies to develop, implement and monitor relationship marketing campaigns at an affordable cost. Sm@rt btl’s infrastructure, tools and apps are integrated to deliver your message to targeted individuals, as well as hundreds of thousands of prospects.

Our Sm@rt btl IT staff designs and personalizes rich HTML templates with graphics, texts and links that will cut through all kinds of web clutter, and are supported by fully integrated data mining capabilities to ensure conversion results.

We also make the appropriate customizations to track your campaigns, measure them and give you instant feed back.

IT: Information Technology


Proximity Marketing
Proximity Marketing takes you beyond the desktop to reach customers, partners, vendors and prospects on their mobile devices. Because it delivers your messages and promos at the right time to encourage the decision to purchase, our mobile commerce and applications provide a wide range of lead generation, customer management and business process benefits.

Smartphones, PDA's and mobile devices are everywhere. Sm@rt btl can help you stay relevant and timely with your audience by getting your business into peoples' hands. Sm@rt btl also works with Bluetooth devices to allow you to deliver media content to cell phones that are in a range of up to 100 meters (1/16 miles) from the location of your business.


This allows you to:

Offer instantly redeemable mobile coupons and incentives

Extend your web presence and enhance your brand recognition

Gain a competitive edge by cultivating customer loyalty

Heighten your search ranking and dominate your category or market


Sm@rt btl provides the necessary multimedia tools and apps for the implementation of your  proximity strategy 24/7.


Social MediaSocial media marketing and the app ecosystem have revolutionized the way the world communicates and interacts. Social media is driven by technological advancements that are promising to be as productive as the application “app” ecosystem. Both require new skill sets, new tools, and a new learning curve to overcome. That’s why Sm@rt btl has brought together the best minds and leading-edge technology to help you spend your social media money wisely. Our goal: to make your company, brands, products and services top of mind among your primary prospects.

Social media today provides a meeting place where vendors and consumers meet millions of people around the world in nanoseconds. It's estimated that by 2012 there will be about 1000 million users connected and active in social networks. This is the power of digital marketing, and 80% of internet users are now connected to social networks and spend an average 6 hours a week socializing and buying products and services. It has become the world's marketplace where companies go to build their brands. And Sm@rt btl develops interactive strategies that allow our clients to interact with their existing and potential customers.

We've got a suite of social media tools and apps that can implement and manage sections, pages, applications, content – even games – designed exclusively for Social Media users.


Advertising / SEMThis is the era of search engine advertising and location still matters, but it’s really all about your advertisement’s location on a search engine results page, not where your business is physically located. A good ad location means more people, with more chances for click-throughs, will see your ads.


SEOSearch Engine Optimization (SEO), allows your web site to be indexed correctly by the different search engines. This allows it to be found with greater precision and ease by Internet users.

The Sm@rt btl team analyzes your website, brands, products and services, as well as your company's objectives, to determine which keywords are relevant to your prospects. We also generate the search engine data and develop solutions that will be implemented on the website to improve your positioning and accessibility.


Customer ServiceCustomer service is a vital area in any company. High quality standards, together with excellent customer service, will enable your company to grow and better position itself against its competitors. Sm@rt btl provides services, tools, and apps that are focused on customer support tactics, such as implementation, education and/or administration through internal support units or outsourced resources in the U.S. and/or abroad.

Call Center: The Sm@rt btl bilingual call centers can reach highly targeted customers either through Inbound or Outbound technologies. We have highly experienced bilingual operators and training facilities that can be customized to support the telemarketing of all kinds of products and services.

IVR: Interactive Voice Response (IVR) provides channels of investigation and query information by establishing automated points of contacts between your customers and your company or organization. IVR uses conventional telephone – cellular or landlines – to measure, analyze and deliver relevant and actionable information on your products and/or services.

Live Chat:Internet Retailer points out that 10% to 15% of e-commerce browsers will buy if they engage in online "live" chat versus 2% who do not use chat. Since 2001, the only customer service touch points with consistent and appreciable gains in customer satisfaction and adoption have been in “live” help including click to chat and click to call. The Sm@rt btl "live" chat unit allows website visitors to make direct contact with your sales department and/or customer service. Through your dedicated “live” chat agents you can provide one-on-one consulting, customer services updates, and an opportunity to make browsing your website, making potential sales and business for your company.

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