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Sm@rt mobile helps our clients to navigate the complex world of new technology and advertising ecosystems to help build smarter businesses. Sm@rt mobile develops applications, websites, and interactive tools for the most successful mobile platforms: Android, Smartphones, Blackberrys, Kindle, Nook, iPhone and iPad – the communication and management tools most used in the U.S. and abroad. As mobile development and adoption continue to surge and the capabilities of these devices grow, being on the right platform becomes the piece that drives innovation, adoption, usage and ROIs.



Mobile SitesMobile connectivity and the use of mobile devices to explore the Internet is growing at a rapid pace, forcing companies to adapt their websites to the demand from these devices.

At Sm@rt Mobile we provide consulting for all mobile platforms and applications: Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Java ME, Windows Mobile, Mobile Web, to name a few. Our sm@rt mobile team is ready to work with you on-site and/or off-site to develop, design, research, analyze, test, and evaluate all mobile data collection.

We align mobile capabilities with the Internet, your existing systems, or other mobile devices, such as key social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTUBE, etc.). We manage all Application Programming Interface (API) for all types of web servers and third party infrastructures.

The iPhone and iPad remain the de facto mobile standards for most IT administrators, due in large part to the breadth and maturity of IT-related Internetwork Operating Systems (IOS). Android smartphones and tablets come in a strong second among the IT set, with BlackBerry, the once vaunted king of business smartphones, a distant and some say fading third. Keeping our Clients on top of these fast-changing standards is how we at sm@rtbtl keep our Clients one step of the competition.


iPhone / iPodThere are more than a billion iPhones and iPods in the marketplace. Sm@rtbtl and its Clients take these popular devices into account as an important source of marketing and communication with strategically targeted customers who are fully interactive and reachable 24/7–locally, nationally and globaly.

Sm@rt Mobile develops optimized applications and utilizes all the necessary standards used on iPhone or iPod, making full use of its resources, characteristics and, more importantly, its loyal community.


iPadThe iPads, with more than a billion in use, has become an important content, media and eCommerce venue, and it’s expected to generate unprecedented growth for Apple via its newest tablet with a larger screen and more computing power.

Research on iPad owners show that users skew male (52.9%), are slightly younger (44.5% under the age of 35) and wealthier (46.3% residing in households with income of $100k or greater) compared to an average tablet user during the three-month average period ending June 2012. In comparison, Kindle Fire owners skew female (56.6%). Both Android and Kindle Fire users have household income below that of iPad owners, aligning more closely with household income reported by Smartphone owners.

This kind of data allows our Clients to create and deliver richer multimedia content maximize and interactivity, and a greater potential for capturing and transferring information and content wirelessly. Marketers will be able to obtain more actionable consumer information to fine-tune such strategies as: market research, data collection and customer purchasing behavior–in real-time.


AndroidAndroid users surpass a billion globally, making it one of the most developed mobile platforms. Hundreds of software companies and app developers continue to create user-friendly applications and digital strategies that fully exploit the graphic capabilities, communication and computing power of this popular operating system.

Sm@rt btl is able to design, program and distribute optimized applications to be used by all kinds of devices that is powered by the Android operating system, which leads all other systems in the marketplace.

Source: Gartner (May 2012)


Windows PhoneWindows Phone sales surging between 115% and 227% compared to a year ago; and has also narrowed the gap between itself and BlackBerry in its bid to become the number 3 mobile OS in terms of market share.

Windows Phone is a dependable mobile operating system developed between Microsoft and Nokia. Its rapid growth represents a great opportunity for Sm@rt btl clients to stay ahead of the curve by linking to strategies and applications for these devices.

We have extensive experience with Microsoft tools that enable us to offer customized solutions for these devices.

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